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Hi guys! Ri-chan here.

This community will be regarding giveaways and giveaway updates for you guys. Before entering my giveaways, make sure you guys are:

001; a member of the community
002; sincere about winning
003; not going to sell the items if won
004; not a spammer

You also must follow these rules. Don't worry there won't be a lot.

001; respect my community
002; respect all members in the community
003; absolutely no bashing
004; do NOT rush the owner for the next giveaway or winner announcement or it will be delayed

Participants, please make sure you follow the rules so your entries will be counted. All entries are in forms. If you enter by commenting or message, it will not count. Link will be provided.
26th-Sep-2010 01:36 am - Updates on the fic contest
chibi hsj
 hey guys. i understand that there were three who entered the contest and there weren't enough people who entered. so i am planning on just giving all three participants something for participating. that will have to wait though. i'm still waiting for my money to get to me so i can buy something. ha!

sorry i made everyone wait for such a super long time. i didn't check my message and i never got an email saying i got a message. so email is the best way to contact me. i've been super super busy with school too.

but fear not. i will contact you all about your address so i can send you something for participating. just gotta way a little longer.

thank you all for your patience and sorry for making you anxious about it as well.
30th-Jun-2010 11:47 pm(no subject)
Ladybug pencil <3
Name; Sarah / Miki
LJ; hyuuchiha_miki
Title; The Three Jumperteers
Rating; G
Genre; Crack
Warnings: Very spontaneously written, simply english, grammar error.
Notes: Inspiration: The Three Musketeers, Romeo and Juliet

storyCollapse )
Junno punyuu
Name: Yuki
LJ: chii_loves_me
Title: It’s Not A Sin To Be Cute, It’s A Gift (Prompt : 5 times Yabu pinched Ryutaro’s cheeks)
Rating: G
Genre: Crack
Summary: Do you know why no one pinches Ryutaro? Like, ever?
A/N: For Ri-chan’s (starswithwings’) one shot contest.
Read under the cut.Collapse )
yamachii 2010
Name; Rhea / Sabina
LJ; chiyakenyu 
Title; Fly little bird, fly
Rating; F-13 ( / PG-13..if it's the same rating)
Genre; Romance, slightly AU, slice of life (yes it is a genre hahah)
Warnings: One-sided love at the beginning, sad extra story (nothing tear dripping though)
Notes: No general paring included - written in first person's POV so you can imagine your favourite pairing in JUMP + no actual dialogues.
Contest entry :001: - Fly little bird, flyCollapse )
10th-May-2010 03:02 pm - just a little update on the contest
chibi hsj
 hey guys.. so here's the prize for the contest to show you proof that i have it in my hand..

yeah.. i don't wanna show my face.. i just woke up when i took the picture.. although i already washed my face and all that stuff.. my eyes were still.. well it still showed signs of me waking still half asleep.. aahhaha..

anyway.. here's the price..

as for the rules.. i added on the "how to enter" portion..

i forgot to mention the lj cut thing, so yeah.. that's all the update for the rules.. lj cut your story(ies) ^^.. and the warning and note thing.. i just added it. ahha
don't forget to ask your questions ^^

back to my ever so cute anime kodocha and sweet egg omelet
29th-Apr-2010 11:40 pm - Ri-chan's giveaway #002
chibi hsj

please post this flyer to comms or your blog and share the word. ^^

The time has come and the giveaway contest has been decided. The rules of the “game” is simple.
I’m sure all of you guys are wondering what it is and what the winner will get.
First of all, the winner will get a group clear file from HSJ’s 2010 spring concert.
The game is one shot contest! Yay!!! It starts on May 1st, 2010 and ends on June 30th, 2010.

Here the rules that must be followed:

001; Do not copy other else’s work. Create your own.
002; Stay clean. Please refrain from explicit material. If needed, please warn the readers before your stories.
003; All genres are welcome, but remember rule #002.
004; Has to be less
enter up to three one shots.
006; Must post your fictions here. I will moderate all posts so if your post doesn’t relate to this giveaway, I will deny them.
007; Tag your entries with fiction event than one-shot. No less than 500 words.
005; You can 001. Please do not tag your entries other than fanfic event 001.
008; Your entries must be HSJ related (doesn't have to be all of them. one or two members are fine.). You may include other celebrities, but HSJ members have to have the bigger roles.
009; You cannot post your old fics. Must be new ones.
010; Entries cannot be posted at other places, but here until the winner is announced. Meaning, if you wanna share your one shot with others on your blogs or other comms, you would need to wait until the winner for the contest is announced. Forums or message boards are included as well.
011; Posters are optional.
012; Must use the right grammar. If fix your spelling if you have spelling mistakes. Use the right words and don’t get them mixed up (ie. Here instead or hear or vice versa, than instead of then, there instead of their, etc.). Punctuations if necessary.
013; If you are gonna be using words you think readers don’t know the meaning of, please make them have an (*) sign next to it and have a glossary at the end or before your story.
014; Author’s notes. Please do not ruin a story by putting a/n in the middle of the story. That just ruins it. Instead, put a (**) sign next to it and have the authors note either before or after your story.

Before you post your entries, please follow this form as an entry application
Rating (F-13, F-17, M, R, ETC.);
Genre (Romance, School, Drama, etc.);
Warnings: (optional)
Notes: (optional)


How will the winner be chosen?
At the end of this giveaway/contest, I will post a poll for all participants and other readers. Those who have the most votes win. =) Please read the stories before voting.

If you have any questions please do ask here.

29th-Apr-2010 11:25 pm - Banner
chibi hsj
Hi guys. Anyone here kind enough to make me a banner for this giveaway comm? I'm in need of a banner. If someone can, here are the details.

Picture: HSJ (all members)
Title: Ri-chan's Giveaways
size: 800x200

You can choose whatever color you want as long as it matches with other colors. and please have the pictures of the boys show more than the colors. i think i'm color blind. lol.

Thank you all!!

ps. stay tuned for the giveaway on may 1st. ^^
if you can make one, just ppost it here as a comment. if i can get one. i can always alternate.
7th-Apr-2010 05:53 pm - New Survey
chibi hsj
 Hey guys.
for all those who have been watching this comm of mine, i thank you.
i just recently paid for the prizes and i think i will start the giveaway when i get notified of it being shipped.
i hope you guys understand that i am not responsible for lost or damanged prizes given to you.

i have made this survey to better my understandings for my fellow participants.
so when you get the chance, please do fill this survey out.
survey says!!

anyway.. it's really hard trying to come up with what to have for the giveaway.
so i'm making it a contest for this next one
the prize will either be a photoset (shop photos)
or a clearfile
both groups

i will try to get individual member ones as prizes, but since there are many of them, i'm not sure which one to get.
so please don't hesitate on giving me suggestions on the prizes.

thanks again
15th-Mar-2010 12:07 am - {UPDATE} Possible Prize???
 Well, I have thought of the prize for the give away already.
Just cause I was bored, I just posted part of it.
And because I'm being extra super nice
Every participant might get something. Not sure yet though.

So my next giveaway will most likely be around March 26th (Takaki's Bday) or April 1st (Keito's Bday) but I'm not entirely sure yet.
Either one. So I suggest you guys to check this comm everyday for updates.
Or watch the comm.

so yeah, here is the possible prize


I'm too lazy to take pictures of the rest of my con papa pics so LOL.. yeah..

The give away will be like a contest and i will have three rounds
Three winners will be chosen
and all participants who doesn't win will win something

I'm not gonna tell you what the contest will be so you'll have to wait til that day comes ^^
 PERHAPS another giveaway so I ask which individual member you would like if a prize were to be a member of Hey! Say! JUMP

Poll #1533461 Which member of HSJ?
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 52

Which member of HSJ you going to choose?

View Answers
Yabu Kota
11 (21.2%)
Inoo Kei
3 (5.8%)
Daiki Arioka
5 (9.6%)
Takaki Yuya
5 (9.6%)
Hikaru Yaotome
5 (9.6%)
Keito Okamoto
1 (1.9%)
Chinen Yuri
8 (15.4%)
Nakajima Yuto
6 (11.5%)
Morimoto Ryutaro
0 (0.0%)
Yamada Ryosuke
8 (15.4%)

Who's your second choice?

View Answers
6 (11.5%)
6 (11.5%)
8 (15.4%)
3 (5.8%)
1 (1.9%)
4 (7.7%)
2 (3.8%)
8 (15.4%)
8 (15.4%)
6 (11.5%)

If you have a third or fourth and so on choice, post it as comments.
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